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CE7000-130AP Garment Pattern Cutter with Stand and Basket - Bundled Product

CE7000-130AP Garment Pattern Cutter with Stand and Basket - Bundled Product


Garment pattern cutter with stand (ST0121) and basket included

Customize: CE7000-130AP Garment Pattern Cutter with Stand and Basket - Bundled Product
1 x CE7000-130AP Garment Pattern Cutter   + €6,199.00
1 x ST0121 Stand for CE7000-130AP   + €600.00

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    SKU CE7000-130AP and ST0121
    Garment Pattern Cutter designed to cut and plot onto pattern paper for the production of garments and apparel

    The CE7000-130AP is a high-speed, professional cutting plotter designed specifically as an output machine device for apparel CAD systems. It handles a wide variety of pattern paper in widths up to a maximum of 1220mm (when using a 3-inch core), and in a thickness range of from 64 to 130 g/m2.

    Innovative features include maximum cutting speeds of 600mm/s and with a maximum cutting force of 450gf. It also features an easy to use menu navigation system with eight groups of preset conditions which facilitates instantaneous recall of pre-programmed job-specific plotter setups.


    Main features:

    • Configuration: Grit Rolling Type
    • Drive Method: Digital Servo Drive System
    • Push Rollers: 5
    • Graphic LCD Display With Back Light
    • Networking Ethernet Port
    • Mountable Number Of Tools: 2 Tools
    • Maximum Cutting Force: 450gf
    • Maximum Cutting Speed: 600mm/s
    • Perforation Cutting: Yes (Performed By Force Control In Software)
    • Interface: USB 2.0 Offline | USB 2.0 Cable
    • Buffer Memory: 2MB


    Standard accessories:
    Item Description Qty
    Power cord The type of cord is different by destination. 1
    USB Cable 2.9m long 1
    Cutter Blade Holder PHP33-CB09N-HS 1
    Cutter Blade CB09UB-1P 1
    Loupe PM-CT-001 1
    Stand for CE7000-130AP ST0121, Stand with Basket 1
    Ballpoint pen holder PHP34-BALL 1
    Oil-based ballpoint pen KB700-BK (Black) 1
    CD-ROM User manual, Windows driver 1
    Printed document Setup Manual, Cutter Blade Manual and Safety Manual 1
    Optional Items
    More Information
    SKU CE7000-130AP and ST0121
    Main unit type Roll Feed Cutting Plotter
    Basket included Yes
    Stand included Yes
    Series Specification
    CE700-130AP Series Specification:
    Item Description
    Configuration Grit rolling type
    Drive method Digital servo drive
    Max. cutting area (W x L) (*1) 1220 mm × 50 m
    Cutting area of guaranteed accuracy (*1) 1200 mm × 3 m
    Mountable media width (*2) Min. 594 mm
    Max. 1321 mm
    Mountable roll media inside-diameter 3 inches
    Mountable roll media outside-diameter Max. 200 mm
    Mountable roll media mass Max. 20 kg
    Number of push rollers 5 rollers
    Cutting speed Max. 600 mm/s at all direction
    Cutting force Max. 4.41N (450gf )
    Mechanical resolution 0.005 mm
    Programmable resolution GP-GL:0.1 / 0.05 / 0.025 / 0.01 mm
    HP-GLTM (*3):0.025mm
    Repeatability Max. 0.1 mm in plot up to 2 m (*1)(*4)
    Mountable number of tools 2 tool
    Pen types Oil-based ballpoint pen, Water-based fiber-tip pen
    Interface USB 2.0 (Full Speed), Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
    Buffer memory 2MB
    Command sets GP-GL / HP-GLTM (*3) (Set by command)
    Display Graphic type LCD with back-light (240dots x 128dots), supports 10 languages
    Power source 100V to 120V AC, 200V to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz (Auto switch)
    Power consumption 100W
    Operating environment 10 to 35 ºC, 35 to 75 % R.H. (non-condensing)
    Guaranteed accuracy environment 18 to 28 ºC, 40 to 65 % R.H. (non-condensing)
    External dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 1704 × 1148 × 1215 mm (Including Stand and Basket)
    Weight Approx. 60kg (Including Stand and Basket)
    Compatible OS (*5) Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7

    This is the specialized model for high grade fine paper for apparel use.

    (*1) Operated with Graphtec specified cutting condition and media.

    (*2) Mountable media width. The minimum paper width with guaranteed accuracy is the width when the push rollers are placed on 5mm inside of both side of media. Sheet paper (cut paper) is not guaranteed.

    (*3) HP-GL™ is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company.

    (*4) Graphtec specified Mylar film is used to check the accuracy.

    (*5) Graphtec does not support software/driver used with operating systems that have become obsolete and are no longer supported by the OS developer.