Japanese Collaboration Event

On February 15th we hosted a collaboration event for our partners and collaborators to enable them to explore new business opportunities.
The 3 presenters of this event were Graphtec Europe, Lami Europe, and Lintec Europe.
Lami Europe has a 40-year history as a manufacturer specializing in laminating. Presented their laminators, demonstrating the workflow with Graphtec's F-Mark2.
Lintec Europe has been developing digital printable products, roll, and sheet label stock, and tape and film solutions for customers across Europe.
They presented some of their world-famous material to the audience, demonstrating some of the products on-site, and showing their most attractive features.
Graphtec Europe has been a leader in cutting and measuring solutions for more than 70 years.
Graphtec showcased their machine and scanner line-up. Demonstrating operation and highlighting the most useful features.
The attendants had the opportunity to get to know new products and expand their network, Many new connections were made and partnerships jumpstarted.

The event was a success!